There is no denying that Advertisements have been, and always will be annoying. Even when we are watching TV, will simply hate that our favorite TV show is interrupted by some advertisement.

But, blocking advertisements is eventually stealing. Most web publishers, bloggers, YouTubers rely on advertisement to survive. Sure, some web publishers have subscriptions and others rely on affiliates, but for the most part, everyone is more or less dependent on these advertisements.

According to a study, 144 million web surfers use ad blocker. Imagine how many people would have given up on their dream and passion just because its users simply didn’t like those flashy advertisements in the sidebar. One recent study shows that the click-through rates on the web is incredibly low, 6 clicks for every 10,000 banner ads shown, and services like Ad Block Plus make it even worse.

If things keep going the way they are now, there is a great chance that there will be no advertisers on the web, and there will be no readers choice, only the big names will survive, through subscription fees.

No one is obligating you to click those advertisements, just dont block them, someday something might catch your eye.

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